Saa Sesh
Restless Leg Syndrome

   “What do you mean ‘restless leg syndrome’?”

   Attempts to describe the feeling of RLS:

      Irrepressible bodily desire to move the legs



      Movement (relief lasts the duration of movement)



      Patience (relief lasts the duration of patience)

Symptoms, though they can occur at any time, most often occur just before one falls asleep.


      Irrepressible bodily desire to move the legs

      Legs, having acquired both consciousness and freedom from blind submission to outside authority, which desire to exercise their will


   Side effects:


      Submission to the newly personified legs’ authority

      Loss of sleep



      Hopelessness, hopelessness, hopelessness

   What roommates can expect:

      After one day: nothing

      After two days: mention of symptoms

      After four days: mention of hopelessness

      After seven days: mention of anger..

      After eight days: mention of anger.

      After nine days: mention of anger

      After ten days: late night groans (“Just let me sleep!…”); not to be confused with sleep talking

      After two weeks: a blog post discussing RLS

   Doctor appointment tomorrow. I have already been given “cardioplus” (a whole food supplement to help with the symptoms).It has helped, but I’m still tired and my symptoms now occur during the day.

I don’t want to take a pharmaceutical.

   I imagined RLS would make me stronger. If I could ignore the restless, irrepressible bodily desire to move my legs, I would be stronger. Maybe I am stronger, but I am also tired and now I’m hopeless throughout the day.

I don’t want to take a pharmaceutical.

   Two days ago I grabbed the top of an open door and I pulled myself up high enough so that I could place my feet on the doorknob. I didn’t want to step on the doorknob, so I just tapped it with my feet and let myself down. The RLS I was experiencing went away.

   And then it came back.